Shoplifting Intervention

A New Life Counseling Services' Shoplifting Intervention Program's purpose is to prevent recurring shoplifting behavior by working with first-time offenders in an educational program.

Program Description:

The Shoplifting Intervention Program is an education and remediation program for beginning offenders charged with shoplifting. It is a sentencing alternative that can be used by the Court either as a pre-trial referral or as a condition of sentence. The program examines shoplifting behavior, legal and social consequences are discussed, needs are identified and problems that led to the behavior are addressed, and total responsible behavior is reinforced.

Our Program Rationale:

  1. Offenders are responsible for all costs incurred.
  2. The Shoplifting Intervention Program reinforces the message that shoplifting is a serious crime, without the program appearing punitive.
  3. Duration of treatment provides an appropriate level of intensity and is somewhat proportionate in length in relation to other successful programs.
  4. Requires commitment from offenders without being overly burdensome in regard to treatment compliance.

Program Guidelines:

  • Offenders are responsible for all costs incurred.
  • Attendance is required for all sessions. Completion of assignments is required for all participants.
  • Offenders are to submit to all random drug and alcohol screens at their expense. Should there be a positive result for any drugs or alcohol, then the proper authority is notified and treatment is recommended.
  • Program is scheduled on an as needed basis, preferably one week in advance.
  • Program will address variables of shoplifting behaviors and interventions.
  • Attention will be given to causative factors that contribute to maladaptive compensation and to the prevention of future behaviors.
  • Attendance and completion of assignments required for satisfactory completion of program, which will result in a completion certificate.
  • Offenders agree to take responsibility for the offense as a condition of participation.
  • Offenders are required to obtain and bring their police report, picture id, and payment at the time of intake.

Costs: We attempt to balance affordability with convenience by offering these options:

  • $160 fee, of which $25 is paid at the time of registration for intake fee and $10 for workbook. The balance is paid in $25 installments per session.
  • $200 "full day" alternative, which is the expedited program and completed 3 - 5 hours, which includes all material needed. This option works well with individuals who might be required to commute long distances and/or have work or child care difficulties.